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Root pruning our plants

The nursery uses a variety of modern root pruning containers to avoid problems such as root spiralling associated with traditional pot grown specimens.


These containers are especially used for fast growing species such as Eucalyptus, or those with a strong tendency to growth of a tap root.

All plants start life in the nursery in root trainers (image 1). These are specially designed to air prune roots at the base of the container, which causes lateral roots to form higher up the root system, which are then guided vertically downward by grooves in the side of the root trainer.


These ensure all young plants are established with a strong fibrous root system.


Another development in air pruning technique is the Air-Pot® (image 2) in which engineered plastic grooves and holes ensure the air pruning of both the radical and lateral roots to create a dense fibrous root system.  


Image 3 shows the roots of young Prunus spp. can be seen which have developed over two growing seasons to produce a dense fibrous mass of roots which will help  ensure rapid establishment at the planting site and avoid the problems of root spiralling associated with conventional containers.


Additionally the Nursery also uses Super root fielders, which are specially engineered fabric bags which preclude the need to undercut trees and control root growth in such a way that  they not only reduce transplant shock, but also provide the plants with stored energy source so when the tree is removed from the bag at its final planting site the tree rapidly re-establishes its root system.


Above the thin penetrating xylem element of the root system can be seen penetrating the fielder. (Image 4)


Image 5 shows the bag removed we can see the considerable thickening of the roots representing stored starch reserves which boost the re-establishment of the plant in its final planting position.


Further information regarding these products can be found by visiting

About us

The Nursery grows a wide range of container and field grown trees and shrubs ranging from cell grown liners to 45L specimen sized plants. Most plants are grown from seed , of which most comes from the country of origin, whilst those species covered by FRM regulations come from UK sourced stands. (All seed provenance details are available on request as per FRM regulations.)


Container plants are available at all times of the year, whilst field grown stock is only available during the dormant season.


Field grown plants are under cut on a regular basis to ensure plants have a fibrous root system, whilst larger sized specimens are provided with a rootball to help ensure successful transplanting.


Growing in  a heavy clay based soil (slightly acidic), with high rainfall and a predominate westerly wind , we aim to provide our customers  with plants selected (from seed), which are tolerant of prevailing conditions in the North West.


We do not grow plants under protection.


Inevitably, the nursery has had to purchase both British and Dutch nursery stock to increase the diversity of stock, however all such plants are grown on to ensure hardiness.


The Nursery is also registered with all relevant authorities (DEFRA, Forestry Commision, Environment Agency etc.)


Metasequioa glyptostroboides 

(Dawn Redwood) are being grown in 45L airpots.

Field plants


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