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Plant descriptions - D to H

Gaulteria procumbens evergreen, ground cover plant. The thick glossy foliage is strong and bold. White, urn shaped flowers appear mid to late summer followed by chunky red berries in autumn


Ginkgo biloba MAIDENHAIR TREE native of China this deciduous conifer is the sole survivor of a family of plants which dominated tree life 200 million years ago. This ancient ancestry is reflected in the thick leathery leaves which have a fan shaped system of veins, which evolved before the pinnate branching system of veins seen in most trees and shrubs. The leaves turn a bright golden colour in autumn. It is extremely hardy,thrives on both acid and alkaline soils and is tolerant of air pollution. Slow growing, narrow. Height at maturity 25m (75ft). AGM.


Grisellinia littoralis Variegata an upright evergreen shrub with leathery, bright green ovate leaves to 10cm in length, irregularly margined with creamy-white. Grows to 4ft * 4ft.


Halesia carolina SNOWDROP TREE from Carolina USA. This small deciduous tree has a spreading crown with foliage turning yellow in autumn. Flowers profusely with clusters of white or pinkish bells, which form 4 winged fruit in autumn. Plant in well drained slightly acidic soil. Plant in full sun or part shade. Protect from strong winds. Height and spread at maturity 40ft by 25 ft.


X Halmiocistus - Merrist Wood Cream clump-forming, small evergreen shrub with dark-green leaves which are grey beneath, and white flowers with a deep-red blotch at base of each petal around a yellow centre. Flowers in summer.


X Halmiocistus - Sahuchii a dense, low-growing dwarf evergreen shrub with narrow, dark green leaves and pure white flowers 2.5cm in width, with yellow stamens


Hamamellis mollis CHINESE WITH HAZEL native of China these deciduous woodland shrubs prefer moist cool soils with dappled shade and are grown for their clusters of golden yellow petals in late winter or early spring before the leaves emerge. Good autumn colour. Grows to 15ft * 15ft.


Hamamellis vernalis - Sandra OZARK WITCH HAZEL as with other Hazels these deciduous shrubs are grown for their yellow winter flowers, whilst this cultivar has large leaves which colour a spectacular red and purple in autumn. Grows to approximately 15ft.


Hamamellis x intermedia - Arnold Promise  a large shrub with green foliage turning yellow in autumn with dense clusters of dark yellow strap like petalled flowers in winter. 12ft * 12ft. Prefers a shaded woodland environment with  moist soil. - Diane red flowers with good autumn colour.


Hebe - Galway Bay a medium sized compact evergreen plant with deep olive green foliage that smoothers itself in mauve flowers through the spring. Grows to approx 3ft * 3ft


Hebe - Sutherlandii a neat, compact, rounded, evergreen shrub. It has small grey-green, oval leaves and in late spring to early summer, is covered with spikes of small white flowers. Grows to about 1.5ft * 1.5ft.


Hydrangea arborescens radiata SMOOTH HYDRANGEA native of North America this deciduous open shrub  has flat creamy white flower heads in summer. Good autumn colour. Prefers moist shaded site. Height and spread 8ft * 8ft.


Hydrangea paniculata - Levana Strong upright stems topped by large white conical flowers up to 50cm long if cut back in spring. Vigorous plant 2m-5m depending on pruning. - Pink Diamond open shrub which bears large panicles of creamy white flowers in summer, which mature to a deep pink colour in autumn. The flowers eventually fade to a pinky-brown but can be retained over winter to extend the period of interest.


Hydrangea petiolaris climbing Hydrangea thrives in some of the most shady, inhospitable areas of the garden. Slow to establish, it will eventually romp along a wall or fence, clinging by aerial roots. Its almost heart-shaped, dark green leaves turn yellow in autumn, and masses of showy, lacy, white flowerheads appear in late spring and early summer.


Hydrangea quercifolia OAK LEAFED HYDRANGEA this deciduous shrub from southern USA has large lobed green leaves turning crimson in autumn, whilst white panicles of flowers form in summer, turning pinkish hues in autumn. Plant in full sun or part shade. Height and spread at maturity 8ft * 8ft.


Hypericum - Autumn Blaze Yellow flowers followed by pink to purplish-red to black fruit on a vigorous, spreading, bushy deciduous shrub. Blooms August-September. Dark blue-green leaves, among the largest of the hardy Hypericums, turn yellow-green, orange and red in autumn.


Deutzia hybrid - Pink Pompom a hardy, deciduous shrub with leaves which turn a burgundy colour in the autumn. Bears double pale-pink flowers which fade to white early summer. The habit is rounded. Grow in reasonably fertile, not too dry soil, preferably in full sun. - strawberry fields compact shrub with beautiful, fragrant, crimson blooms, soft pink flushed within. Suitable for borders. Grows up to 1.5ft.


Dipelta floribunda native of China this shrub has long arching branches which bear clusters of fragrant tubular bell shaped white flowers flushed pink, yellow or orange in spring..Height and spread 8ft * 10ft.


Eleagnus commutata SILVER BERRY this shrub native of North America has red-brown shoots with silvery leaves, with fragrant flowers, silver outside yellow within from Spring to early Summer. Silvery fruit in Autumn. Height and spread at maturity 8ft by 15ft. Plant in full sun.


Enkianthus campanulatus REDVEIN ENKIANTHUS native to Japan this deciduous shrub has whorled branches of dull green elliptic leaves turning red in autumn, with spectacular drooping racemes of creamy white bells veined red or pink in late spring or early summer. Plant in full sun or part shade in deep moist acid or neutral soil. Height and spread at maturity 15ft * 15ft. AGM.


Enkianthus perulatus native of Japan this deciduous shrub has oval green leaves turning  bright red in autumn with drooping umbels of white flowers in spring. Attractive shiny red young shoots. Grows to 7ft * 7ft.


Escallonia - C F Ball fast growing evergreen with small, glossy, deeply toothed dark green leaves. Masses of tubular crimson-red flowers from June to October. Excellent for seaside areas or sunny positions, but not suitable for cold positions exposed to cold drying winds. Grows to 8ft * 5ft. - Donard Seedling evergreen with small, glossy, dark green leaves. Masses of saucer-shaped pink tinted white flowers from June to October. - Iveyii a vigorous, mid-sized, evergreen with relatively large, glossy dark-green leaves. It bearing pure white fragrant flowers in  summer. - Peach Blossom  evergreen shrub with small, glossy, dark-green leaves. It bears clusters of clear pink flowers from early summer. - Red Hedger an evergreen shrub with dense bushy habit of large shiny leaves and masses of tubular crimson red flowers from June to October.


Euonymus alatus SPINDLE TREE a deciduous dense bushy shrub with corky wings on the stems  with dark green leaves turning brilliant red in autumn.Fruit is pale red.Growing to 6ft * 8ft. - Compactus is a compact dwarf form with scarlet purple foliage in autumn.


Euonymus europaeus SPINDLE TREE A familiar native hedgerow shrub with green stems producing an abundance of scarlet capsules in the autumn. Height 6m. Spread 2.5m. Flower colour Green, White. Flowers from April to June. Fruit colour Scarlet. Fruits from September Deciduous. Foliage colour Green. Hardy.


Euonymus fortunei - Emerald Gaiety an evergreen ground cover plant or root clinging climber with small elliptic green leaves with white margins turning pinkish in winter.


Euonymus japonicus - Chollipo a bushy evergreen shrub with rounded rich green leaves broadly margined with cream; seldom flowers. Approx 6ft * 4ft. Kathy a small, bushy, evergreen shrub with oval, glossy, green leaves edged silvery-white. Small green flowers bloom in summer and are occasionally followed by fruit in autumn.


Exochorda x  micrantha - The Bride a compact shrub growing up to 6 ft tall with a slightly weeping habit  and arching branches covered with large white flowers in spring. AGM.

Fagus sylvatica COMMON BEECH native of Europe, deciduous this tree has wide scale amenity use making large trees with bright green foliage and attractive smooth boles. Being native is good for wild life. Commonly also used as a hedging plant and good shelter as retain senescent leaves during winter. Tolerant of most soils except for water logged or poorly draining soils. Height at maturity 35m (120ft)AGM. - Asplenifolia – narrow long pointed leaves, deeply incised. AGM.


Fagus sylvatica atropurpureum COPPER BEECH a variant of the native beech the purple beeches which are grown by seed show a considerable variation in their colour. They are of a similar size and grow in similar conditions to green beech.


Fruit Trees



Arthur Turner cooking apple flowering group 3

Blenheim Orange eating or cooking flowering group 3

Bountiful eating or cooking flowering group 3

Cox’s Self Fertile- eating flowering group 3

Discovery pollination group C, early eater, good for juicing

Falstaff eating apple

James Grieve cooking or eating flowering group 3 self fertile

Laxtons Superb eating apple flowering group 4

Lord Derby cooking apple tolerant of heavy clay soils, long fruiting period



Morello a self fertile acid cherry ripening to black, pick August

Summer Sun self fertile, dark red fruits , pick August



Conference reliable, self fertile hardy, pick late August, use September



Opal a self fertile dessert plum with yellow flesh, pick  late July

Greengage self fertile heavy cropping plum, good for cooking, pick August/September


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