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Plant descriptions - A to C

Abelia grandiflora variegate - Weeping Chinese Lantern. Beautiful pendant red and yellow flowers held on slender stems with arrow shaped yellow splashed green leaves. Max Height 1.5m. Max Spread 1m. Flowers April to October. Full sun.


Abies amabalis PACIFIC SILVER FIR this evergreen native of NW North America has a regular conic  crown with stout shoots bearing dark glossy leaves with silver bands beneath. Grows best in damp acidic soils , will not tolerate lime. Plant in full sun or part shade height at maturity 30m (90ft).


Abies koreana KOREAN FIR native of Korea this evergreen is slow growing and flowers at a early age with female flowers being red, green, pink or white whilst the cones are blue. Leaves are pure white beneath. Grows best in areas of high rainfall. Plant in full sun. Height at maturity 10m (30ft). Recommended for small gardens.


Abies normandiana ambrol CAUCASIAN FIR this evergreen native of SW Asia is widely used in the Christmas tree trade. Height at maturity 35m (100ft) AGM.


Acer campestre FIELD MAPLE native of Europe this tree is found growing on limestone and chalk, but will tolerate sandy soils and clay. It is tolerant of pollution and can be planted in cities. Has good autumn colour. Fully hardy. Plant in full sun or partial shade. Height at maturity 15m (45ft). AGM.


Acer cappodocicum - aureum a medium sized tree growing to 50ft with broad 5 to 7 lobed leaves golden when young, turning green in summer and yellow in autumn. AGM. - rubrum deep red young foliage.


Acer caudatifolium native to Taiwan this small slender tree, with thin densely packed branches, and white striped bark, long wide leaves almost unlobed. Flowers purplish. Height up to 40ft. Given the RHS AGM in 1984.


Acer cissifolium native to Japan this trifoliate maple is dioeceous with female plants having dense pendulous panicles of yellow flowers. Leaves grey green. Autumn colour red and yellow Growing up to 30ft.


Acer davidii PERE DAVID’S MAPLE native to China this snake bark maple  has green striped bark with white and red .Often grown as a multi-stemmed specimen to enhance this feature. Fully Hardy, fast growing tree growing to 10m (30ft) at maturity. Plant in full sun to part shade.


Acer ginnala flame AMUR MAPLE native of Northern China and Mongolia this extremely hardy plant comes into flower with pale yellow scented blooms as the leaves emerge yellowish. By the time the leaves have developed a dark green colour the red tinged samaras hang in bunches. In Autumn the leaves turn a brilliant red. Given the RHS AGM in 1993. Common in cultivation and frequently planted in swathes in parks and public gardens. Rarely a single stemmed tree. Height at maturity 10m (30ft).


Acer grosseri HER’S MAPLE small deciduous tree native of China. This tree has purplish branchlets and round papery leaflets with 3 to 5 lobes; yellow green flowers produced on slender racemes, whilst yellow brown fruits are borne at right angles in horizontal sprays. One of the snake bark maples it has bright white stripes borne on a green background. Good autumn colour with leaves turning yellow then bright orange or crimson. Height at maturity 11m (35ft)


Acer henryi native of China this medium sized tree has trifoliate leaves with flowers in slender white spikes. Samaras in drooping white racemes. Deciduous. Growing up to 30ft. Rare in cultivation. A collectors item.


Acer japonicum native of Japanese forests this shrubby tree grows up to 30ft with wide lobed leaves which turn splendid shades of red, orange and yellow in autumn. Flowers are long drooping corymbs, purplish in colour. - Aconitifolium leaves deeply dissected turning crimson in autumn. - Green Cascade Low, wide-spreading shrub. Leaves deeply incised, fresh dark green, becoming red, orange and yellow in Autumn. Grows to 3.5ft * 3.5ft. - Vitifolium very similar to the species and difficult to distinguish between some of the other Japanese maple cultivars. AGM.grows to 30ft.


Acer maximowiczii (syn.nikoense) native of China and Japan, this small deciduous tree , has small triangular leaves with reddish purple branchlets. Yellowy green flowers hang in pendant racemes. Height at maturity 8m (25ft).


Acer opalus ITALIAN MAPLE deciduous medium sized tree native to N.Africa. Leaves 5 lobed, lobes rounded green. Flowers in short yellow terminal umbels in spring. Autumn colour golden yellow. Height at maturity 60ft. Although common in collections this tree is rare in gardens and is a collectors item.


Acer palmatum SMOOTH JAPANESE MAPLE native to Japan this small tree has handsome 5-7 lobed delicate leaves which have brilliant colour in autumn, whilst red hanging flowers and fruit provide further interest. There are many varieties of this tree – both cut leaf (dissectum) and purple ( atropurpureum ) are available. Fully hardy these trees should be planted in partial shade, in a location sheltered from cold winds Height at maturity 10m.

Japanese Maples in variety


Asahi-zuru (maple of the morning sun)  a vase shaped shrubby tree growing up to 30ft, densely branched with pink and white variegated leaves.

Beni-Otake An attractive plant suitable for small gardens with a bamboo like appearance. Foliage long and narrow, deep scarlet-red. Suitable for small gardens.

Bloodgood a tree like shrub reaching 30ft or  more. Sparsely branched with 5 or 7 lobed palmate leaves with dark wine-red colour turning brilliant red in autumn. Samaras glowing red. An upright rather than spreading shrub. Given AGM in 1993. Grows to 30ft.

Burgundy Lace a spreading shrub growing to 25ft * 25ft. Deeply divided 7 lobed leaves with dissected margins. Dark red in colour. Samaras red. Given AGM in 1993.

Chitoseyama Deeply cut greenish-bronze leaves which colour richly in Autumn. Grows to 12ft * 12ft.

Crimson Queen Good deep red coloured foliage, and carries this colour throughout the growing season. It ages into a beautiful cascading form. It can reach 3 - 4 meters in height.  Autumn colour is a spectacular deep crimson. Given AGM in 1993.

Deshojo a shrub growing to 12 ft with thin branchlets and shoots. Leaves wide 5 lobed unfurling brilliant red, later turning dark pink then green. Requires shelter.

Dissectum  a mushroom shaped shrub with 7 lobed finely dissected bright green leaves turning yellow in autumn growing up to 13ft. Given AGM in 1984.

Enkan Elegant vase-shaped shrub, slow growing. Dark wine-red linear foliage, keeping its colour well during Summer. Grows to 6-8ft.

Filigree a slow growing mushroom shaped shrub growing up to 6ft. Leaves are finely dissected, bright green turning yellow in autumn.

Garnet a vigorous shrub growing up to 10ft * 12ft. Leaves dissected, dark wine red brightening in autumn. Given AGM in 1993. Suitable for small gardens.

Inabashidare a mushroom shaped shrub with cascading branches growing up to 10ft and as wide. Leaves dark wine red dissected keeping their colour in to autumn. Given AGM in 1993.

Katsura a tree like shrub growing up to 30 ft, densely branched with wide 5 lobed leaves unfurling orange later turning yellow and finally orange again in autumn. One of the most spectacular Japanese Maples.

Koto-no-ito Tall growing densely branched shrub of medium growth. Leaves with narrow lobes of a rich green colour turning various shades of yellow in Autumn. Grows to 10ft.

Linearlobum  a densely branched tree like shrub with very narrow 5 or 7 lobed leaves, bright green colour turning yellow in autumn. Given AGM in 1993. Grows to 30ft.

Nicholsonii a shrubby tree growing up to 15ft. Leaves large 7 lobed unfurling olive green turning brilliant orange red in autumn.

Omuryama Cascading habit with fresh green foliage in Summer. Autumn colours crimson and gold. Grows to 20ft * 20ft.

Orange Dream a densely branched shrub growing up to 25ft. Leaves golden yellow as unfolding, becoming greenish in summer, turning golden orange in autumn. Suitable for medium sized gardens.

Orangeola a large shrub with cascading branches. Leaves finely divided orange red as unfolding turning brown red or green in summer turning a brilliant orange red in autumn. Leaves persist until mid November so good autumn display. Height6-8ft spread 3-5ft perhaps taller if staked due to pendulous nature.

Oridonishiki an upright growing shrub growing up to 20ft. Wide 5 lobed green leaves heavily variegated pink and white.

Ornatum a large mushroom shaped shrub growing up to 10ft. Leaves are deeply dissected and incised, dark brown as unfolding turning red, orange and yellow in autumn.

Pixie A sport from ‘Bloodgood’ but with a dwarf habit. Leaves dark purple-red turning scarlet-red in Autumn. Grows to 5ft.

Red Emperor Vigorous upright growing tree with translucent deep purple-red leaves. The colour is retained throughout the growing season, turning crimson in Autumn.

Red Pygmy a moderate sized shrub growing to 12ft * 6ft. Five lobed linear leaves unfurling dark purple turning greenish brown and finally red in autumn. Given AGM in 1993.

Shiana a dwarf shrub growing to 30ft * 30ft . Deeply divided leaves two toned dark red and maroon. Given AGM in 1993.

Shirazz Exclusive brand-new colour combination. Purple-pink foliage, edged white and light-pink.

Shishigashira Compact shrubby but erect small bush. Foliage dark green, heavily curled and very closely set on short twigs. Autumn colouring deep yellow. Growing to 10ft occasionally up to 16ft.

Skeeter’s Broom A witches' broom of 'Bloodgood' with much smaller leaves and more compact habit. Mature size unknown.

Sumi-nagashi small-growing round-headed tree. Large 7-lobed leaves, rich dark purple in Spring becoming deep maroon in Summer. Autumn colours crimson and red. Growing upto 30ft and as wide.

Tamukeyama Leaves deeply dissected, deep crimson-red when unfolding, then turning to dark purple, becoming scarlet in Autumn. Vigorous cascading shoots.Growing to 8ft and 12ft wide.

Trompenburgh a slender upright growing tree with 7 lobed dark shining convex purple leaves. Given preliminary AGM 1984. Grows up to 30ft.

Tsumi gaki Slow growing shrub with spreading branches. Leaves yellow-green with attractive red-purple margins. Autumn colour orange-yellow. Growing to 8ft and as wide.

Villa taranto a vase shaped shrub growing up to 12ft * 12ft, openly branched. Linear 5 lobed leaves unfurling a dull purple turning dark green followed by golden yellow autumn colour.

Acer palmatum ssp. amoenum a shrub growing to 30ft or more. Leaves wide 7 lobed divided to half the width of the leaf, bright green turning yellow in autumn. Flowers in pendulous racemes reddish white in colour. Native to mountain regions of Japan. Suitable for larger gardens.


Acer palmatum ssp. matsumurae a large shrubby tree with deeply divided fresh green leaves turning yellow in autumn. Native of the forests of Japan. Suitable for medium sized gardens.  


Acer platanoides - Drumondii a medium sized to large tree, lobed leaves have a broad marginal band of creamy white. Growing to approximately 50ft. Any branches which revert to green should be removed. AGM.


Acer platanoides - Royal Red a large handsome tree growing to 60 ft with crimson red leaves. Flowers orange – yellow in colour. AGM


Acer pseudoplatinus - Brilliantissimum a small slow growing tree. Leaves are brilliantly coloured golden yellow and salmon pink when unfolding turning yellow green then bright fresh green in summer. Given AGM in 1993. Suitable for small gardens. Eventual height and spread 20ft * 25ft. Needs shelter to strive.


Acer pseudoplatinus - Simon-Louis Freres a slow growing tree ultimately reaching 30 ft with 3 lobed leaves unfurling pinkish then developing white and green variegation. - Leopoldii a large tree with leaves opening pinkish yellow becoming green splashed with yellow and pink. AGM. Grows to 60ft. - Worley medium sized tree with leaves opening yellow green, turning golden yellow then finally green. AGM.


Acer pseudosieboldianum KOREAN MAPLE a open branched shrub growing to 25 ft and as wide. Large, wide 9 or 11 lobed leaves, margins doubly serrate, green turning orange-yellow in autumn. Flowers are terminal reddish purple appearing before the leaves. Rare in cultivation.


Acer rubrum RED MAPLE native to NE America is so called due to the red flowers which open before the leaves, autumn colouring is spectacular with leaves showing a variety of hues from crimson, orange and yellow eventually turning a brilliant red. This tree is fast growing and should be planted in full sun to partial shade. Tolerant of a wide range of soil conditions including chalk. Height at maturity 20m (60ft). - Autumn Flame brilliant red foliage in early autumn. - Red Sunset bright red colour very early in autumn.


Acer shirasawanum aureum a rounded shrubby tree growing to 20ft with wide. 9-13 lobed leaves. AGM.


Aesculus carnea RED HORSECHESTNUT  growing up to 30ft * 15ft this hybrid chestnut has erect panicles of reddish pink flowers with yellow blotches in spring. Hardy. Suited to larger gardens.


Aesculus flava YELLOW BUCKEYE an attractive large tree growing to 90ftm * 35ft with erect yellow panicles of flowers in summer, leaves turning yellow orange in autumn.


Alnus glutinosa COMMON ALDER native of Europe, W.Asia and N.Africa is a fast growing native tolerant of waterlogged soils this tree makes a useful shelterbelt spp. and can be used to help prevent erosion of river and lake banks. Plant in full sun or part shade. Height at maturity 20m (60ft).


Alnus incana laciniata GREY ALDER a cut leaf form of the species. A broadly conical tree 70ft * 30ft


Amelanchier canadiensis SHADBUSH dense, erect, suckering shrub with mid-green leaves. Racemes of white flowers followed by blue-black fruit. Height 6m, Spread 3m. Flower colour White. Flowers from April to May. Fruit colour Blue, Black. Fruits from June to August. Deciduous. Foliage colour Green.


Amelanchier laevis - Ballerina a small tree with finely toothed leaves bronze when young and colouring well in autumn.Large trusses of white flowers followed by bluish black fruit.AGM. Ultimate height and spread 6m * 8m. AGM


Amelanchier lamarckii LAMARCK SERVICE BERRY Small hardy tree from Canada with spreading branches and silky bronze coloured new foliage with loose open sprays of white flowers which form when leaves open. Purple black fruit in autumn. Height and spread at maturity 35ft * 30ft. Suitable for smaller gardens. AGM.


Andromedia polifolia - Blue Ice BOG ROSEMARY a variable low growing evergreen shrub, requiring moist acid soil in part shade, suitable for woodland gardens and rockeries. Growing to approximately 2ft * 2ft. Clusters of blue bell like flowers in spring or early summer.


Araucaria araucana MONKEY PUZZLE this evergreen native of Chile and Argentina has most unusual whorls of short spiny leaves arranged around the trunk and branches, whilst the later display a unique symmetry. Hardy and tolerant of exposure this tree grows well on any soil. Height at maturity 25m (75ft).


Aronia melanocarpa BLACK CHOKEBERRY an upright shrub with ovate mid green leaves , turning dark purple red in autumn. White flowers from April to May followed by red berries then black fruit. Deciduous. Growing to 3 to 6ft in height and width. Tolerant of a wide range of soil conditions and pollution. Its tolerance to drought, mine spoils, soil compaction, and salt all make it an ideal plant along roadsides, highways, and parking lots.

Aucuba japonica Variegata JAPANESE LAUREL native of Japan this evergreen shrub is tolerant of deep shade requiring moist fertile soil. Has purple flowers and red berries but both male and female plants are required to ensure berries. Grows to 6ft*6ft. This cultivar has gold variegation on leaves.

Azaleas in variety


Anne Frank - a dwarf, dense, upright, evergreen shrub with small, elliptic, glossy, mid- to olive-green leaves and clusters of small, funnel-shaped, purple-pink flowers in spring.

Antelope – pink with faint yellow blotch, small, scented. 10 per truss.Compact.

Balzac – star shaped nasturtium red with deeper coloured tube.

Berryrose – Salmon pink with yellow blotch, some scent. Autumn colour. Foliage bronze when young.

Cannon’s Double – Pale yellow pink with light orange flare fading to cream. Young growth red with good autumn colour

Cecile – salmon pink with yellow flare

Daveisii – pink buds opening white with yellow blotch. Low growing. AGM

Delicatissima – cream tinged pink yellow flare, scented.

Equisiteum – pale pink apricot with orange centre, scented.

Glowing Embers -  late flowering with vivid reddish-orange with orange blotch

Golden Eagle – reddish orange with orange yellow mid-rib and vivid orange blotch. Compact habit.

Golden Lights – small pale yellow flowers with orange blotch.Fragrant.Very Hardy.

Home Bush – semi-double deep carmine pink in a ball shaped pompom type truss

Hotspur – orange red with orange flare

Irene Koster – rose pink with deeper markings and yellow flare, sweetly scented.

Jolie Madam – pink with faint orange blotch 7-9 per truss. Upright habit.

Luteum – funnel shaped yellow flowers in trusses of 7-17, spreading and vigorous, good autumn colour

Old Gold – light orange yellow, flushed pink with orange blotch.

Renne – vivid red suffused with yellow

Royal Ruby – deep orange

Soire de Paris – pink with orange throat , lightly scented, 7-9 per truss.

Sunte Nectarine – red buds opening to yellow , flushed deep orange

Vinecourt Troubador – double reddish pink, lightly fragrant

Whitethroat – small, double, pure white funnel shaped. Compact spreading habit AGM

Yellow Cloud – light yellow deepening to brilliant yellow with deep yellow blotch. Upright habit.

Berberris thunbergii atropurpureum JAPANESE BARBERRY deciduous shrub with compact foliage and rounded shape with purple red stems and leaves. Height and spread 3ft * 8ft. AGM. - Bonanza Gold bright yellow foliage.


Betula albo-sinensis CHINESE RED BARK BIRCH native of western China this birch has copper coloured peeling bark and tapered glossy leaves turning yellow in autumn. Height at maturity 15m(45 ft).Grows well in full sun and well drained soils. Slow growing. Recommended for small gardens. AGM. - Septentrionalis medium sized variety with striking grey-pink bark, coppery on the main branches. AGM.


Betula ermanii ERMAN’S BIRCH native of NE Asia and Japan this birch is grown for it,s attractive white bark which eventually becomes dull pink and covered with hanging strips of papery bark. It has attractive foliage borne in pairs of 7-11, and deeply marked viens. It also produces numerous catkins which are retained throughout the winter. Grow in full sun in well drained soil. Fast growing. Height at maturity 20m (60ft).


Betula lutea YELLOW BIRCH a conical tree with peeling yellow brown bark, with large yellow green leaves turning yellow in autumn. Growing to 80ft * 30ft.


Betula mandschurica ssp. japonica (syn. B.platyphyllos japonica) MANCHURIAN BIRCH native of N.China and Siberia this tree has milky white bark and mid green egg shaped leaves. Height at maturity 70ft, spread 30ft. Hardy.


Betula papyrifera PAPER BIRCH deciduous birch  from N.America has white  peeling bark orange brown beneath. Hardy. Tolerant of drought. Casts little shade .Height at maturity 60ft * 30ft.


Betula pendula SILVER BIRCH native of Europe and northern Asia this deciduous tree has white peeling bark and graceful pendulous shoots. It grows well on chalk, clay or acid sandy conditions. Plant in full sun to slight shade. Fast growing with a maximum height at maturity of 30m (90ft). Narrowly conical in shape. Recommended for small gardens. AGM. - Dalecarlica / Laciniata a cut leaf cultivar. - Purpurea with purple leaves and thin pendulous branches. - Tristis has a narrow conical habit.


Betula pubescens DOWNY BIRCH deciduous native of  Europe . Fast growing, useful as shelter belt spp. Closely related to B.pendula it is more tolerant of waterlogged conditions. Grows to 70ft.


Betula utilis jacquemontii HIMALAYAN BIRCH native of China and the Himalayas this tree grows to 60ft * 30ft with peeling pure white bark , leaves turning yellow in autumn, with long yellow catkins in spring.


Buxus sempervirens BOX popular evergreen, slow growing shrub growing on all soils including chalk. Popular for topiary.


Callicarpa bodneiri deciduous shrub from China with toothed leaves turning yellow in autumn ,lilac flowers and violet purple fruits. Growing to 8ft * 10ft. - Profusion a very heavily fruiting variety.


Callistemom Hot Pink Weeping Bottlebrush a new variety of Bottlebrush Tree with bright magenta pink flowers flecked with golden highlights. Flowering in late spring.Suitable for smaller  gardens as it is a compact medium sized bush reaching about 1.5m in height. Its foliage is also attractive, with  red coloured young shoots that develop into narrow grey-green leaves persist through winter.


Camellia - Debbie a large, vigorous evergreen shrub of open growth, with peony-form double, rose-pink flowers to 12cm in width. Plant in moist well drained acid to neutral soil. Prefers semi shade in a sheltered position. Grows to approx 10ft * 10ft.


Carpinus betulus HORNBEAM native of Europe this is useful as a background tree although it has winter interest, flowers and autumn colour. It is widely used as a hedging specimen and is tolerant of the heaviest clay soils although it will grow in any reasonable soil. Plant in full sun to part shade. Height at maturity 24m (80ft). When planted as a hedging use 6 plants per m in 2 staggered rows. AGM.


Caryopteris x cladonensis a hybrid spp with erect stems and downy serrated leaves with flowers in dense cymes deep blue to violet blue in late summer. Height and spread 5ft * 5ft.


Dark Night – a low growing form with dark blue flowers

Worcester Gold – mauve blue flowers


Ceanothus Pudget Blue – a small to medium sized shrub with glossy green leaves and bright blue flowers in late spring to early summer


Ceanothus thyrisiflorus repens a small, vigorous evergreen shrub of low, spreading habit,  taller when grown against a wall. Leaves ovate, glossy dark green. Flowers light blue, in compact panicles in spring and early summer. Plant in full sun in sheltered south facing position. 4ft * 6ft.


Cercidiphyllum japonicum KATSURA TREE Native from the Himalayas to Japan this tree displays most unusual foliage borne pendulous branches which look attractive in winter whilst in autumn a wonderful display of yellows pinks and red leaves. Grows on most soils but must be kept moist. Hardy but may be damaged by

late frosts. Height at maturity 18m (60ft).AGM.


Chaenomeles japonica FLOWERING QUINCE this plant has a open twiggy habit with spiny thorns. Flowers are scarlet with prominent yellow stamens appearing before the foliage in late winter or early spring. Commonly trained against a wall. Fruits can be used to make jelly. Height and spread 3ft * 6ft.


Chamaecyparis lawsowniana LAWSON CYPRESS evergreen conifer with green foliage generally used for hedging. Variety - Ellwoodii has steel blue grey foliage. Growing up to 15ft * 4ft.


Chamaecyparis pisifera - Boulevarde growing to 30ft this evergreen conifer has  blue green foliage. Good rockery specimen.


Choisya ternata an evergreen shrub from Mexico with glossy 3 lobed leaves and white, fragrant star shaped clusters of flowers in Spring. Prefers moist well drained soil with shelter and slight shade. In colder regions dieback of young growths may occur but will readily re grow in established plants. - Goldfingers has pale golden yellow foliage which ages to deep green. Growing to 6ft * 6ft.


Cornus alba sibirica RED BARK DOGWOOD deciduous spreading shrub with bright red stems in winter. Leaves turning orange and red in autumn. Forms thickets, Height and spread 10ft * 10ft. AGM.


Cornus alternifolia - argentea PAGODA DOGWOOD native of E.USA this deciduous shrub or small tree has branches in irregular whorls leading to a tiered horizontal layers of leaves and cream star like flowers in summer followed by small black fruits. This cultivar has white variegations in the leaves which turn a deep purple red in autumn. Grows to 20ft * 20ft.


Cornus contraversa GIANT DOGWOOD this deciduous tree from China and Japan has horizontal spreading branches in tiers with white upturned flowers. Leaves are oval and glossy  turning red and purple in autumn. Fruits black. Height and spread at maturity 60ft * 50ft. Cultivar - variagata has drooping leaves streaked with white margins.AGM.


Cornus florida - Cherokee Chief FLOWERING DOGWOOD native of N.E.USA is a highly ornamental spreading tree with dark green pointed leaves which turn all shades of orange, red, yellow and purple in autumn. The small inconspicuous green flowers are surrounded by large dark red rose bracts in early summer. Grows to 30ft * 25ft.


Cornus kousa CHINESE DOGWOOD a small deciduous tree with glossy, wavy edged leaves turning bronze and crimson in autumn. Abundant green flowers in summer with large white bracts Pink or red fruits. Not suited to chalk soils. Height and spread at maturity 25ft * 15ft. Suitable for medium sized gardens. - China Girl pure brilliant white. - Chinensis has smoother pale leaves. AGM. - Norman Haddon beautiful tree with a spreading habit. In summer the bracts open creamy-white before developing pink tones. - Satomi masses of salmon-pink flowers in spring.


Cornus sanguinea - Mid Winter Fire native of N.Europe this decidous shrub has brilliant red stems in winter, whilst they bear loose clusters of white flowers followed by black fruits, whilst leaves turn a brilliant red in autumn. Grows to 15ft * 10ft.


Corylus avellana - Red Majestic is a deciduous striking red form of the contorted hazel. Planted in a moist, well drained soil in sun or semi shade it will grow to 2.5m and is eminently suitable for smaller gardens, red nuts and red catkins. - Contorta dense slow growing shrub with twisted branches. Leaves green.


Cotinus coggyrgria SMOKE BUSH a rounded bush with green oval leaves turning scarlet in autumn. Numerous plume like panicles of bronze pink flowers in summer. Height and spread at maturity 15ft * 15ft. Plant in well drained soil in a sunny position. AGM. - Purpurea dark red purple leaves.


Cotoneaster horizontalis ROCK COTONEASTER from China this spreading deciduous shrub has small glossy elliptical leaves which colour well in autumn. Pink flowers in spring, which are followed by persistent red berries in autumn. Height and spread 3ft * 5ft. AGM.


Cotoneaster lacteus syn C.parneyi native to China this evergreen or semi evergreen shrub has small deep green leaves with creamy white flowers in summer and persistent red berries in winter. Fully hardy. Plant in full sun. Height and spread at maturity 12ft by 12ft. AGM.


Cotoneaster integerrimus a dwarf mound forming evergreen with small glossy dark green leaves, small white flowers are followed by large red fruits. AGM. Grows to about 6ft.


Cotoneaster lacteus syn C.parneyi native to China this evergreen or semi evergreen shrub has small deep green leaves with creamy white flowers in summer and persistent red berries in winter. Fully hardy. Plant in full sun. Height and spread at maturity 12ft by 12ft. AGM.


Cratageus laevigata - Paul’s Scarlet  thorny tree with glossy green leaves this cultivar is grown as a specimen tree for it’s deep pink double flowers in spring followed by red fruits. Height at maturity 25ft. AGM. - Rosa Plena an attractive form with double pink flowers. AGM.


Crinodendron hookerianum - Adda Hoffaman these dense evergreen shrubs prefer moist fertile soil with shelter from wind. A medium sized shrub growing to 10ft * 10ft with hanging,waxy, urn shaped clusters of pale pink flowers in early summer.


Cryptomeria japonica - Elegans Japanese Cedar growing to 90ft * 20ft has a dense foliage in forward growing spirals. This cultivar is fast growing with purplish winter foliage.


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