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Plant descriptions - I to P

Ilex crenata - Convexed Gold a Japanese Holly with dense, small variegated green and yellow  leaves with black berries. Growing to 5ft.


Juniperus - Holger new growth in spring is frosted with gold; blue-green summer color; blue-gray in winter. Evergreen growing to 4ft * 4ft.


Juniperus scopulorum - Skyrocket a small evergreen growing to 30ft. Very columnar only 2ft wide at maturity.


Juniperus davurica - expansa variegata a dwarf evergreen spreading shrub with flecks of yellow sprays. A dwarf spreading shrub ultimately reaching a height of 3ft in the centre.


Juniperus squamata - Blue Alps striking steel blue foliage and strong growth growing to an ultimate 20ft * 15ft.


Kalmia - L Richard Jaynes Intense red buds open up to large chiffon pink flowers. Profusely flowering. Evergreen. Height and spread 4ft * 4ft.


Kalmia - Sarah Vivid red buds open to bright pinkish-red flowers. 'Sarah' is the closest to pure red Mountain Laurel. Compact habit. Evergreen. Growing to 2-3ft.


Kalmia L myrtifolia pale pink blooms.growing to 3ft * 3ft.


Koelreutaria paniculata GOLDEN RAIN TREE native of China and Korea, this deciduous tree of spreading habit, has leaves emerging bronze-red, turning green then orange or yellow in autumn. Large clusters of yellow flowers opening in summer, turn green or pink and ultimately form brown lantern like fruits. Tolerant of most soils inc. dry ones. Must be planted in full sun. Height at maturity 12m (36ft). Recommended for medium sized gardens.AGM.


Laburnum x watereri - vossii GOLDEN CHAIN TREE this hybrid is a small spreading tree, with shiny green leaves paler below with prolific drooping racemes of yellow flowers from spring to early summer. Prefer cooler climates on moist well drained soil. Height and spread at maturity 25ft * 25ft.


Larix eurolepsis HYBRID LARCH of cultivated origin this hybrid of the Japanese and European Larches is extremely hardy and tolerant of poor soil conditions. They are extremely fast growing and should be planted as young plants. Bears cones from an early age. Deciduous conifer turning vibrant yellow in autumn. Height at maturity 35m (105ft).


Ledum groenlandicum - Helma a small evergreen shrub growing to 3ft * 3ft preferring moist acid soil produces masses of small white flowers in spring. Prefers some shade.


Leucothoe - Scarletta broad-leaved evergreen outstanding for exceptional hardiness and graceful, truly dwarf habit. New foliage, produced throughout the season, is bright red and turns a deep, lustrous green with maturity and then again in fall to a rich, winter-long burgundy. Eventual height 4ft and spread 8ft. - Zeblid a new variety which exhibits a highly attractive leaf coloration as well as outstanding tolerance to shade, very hardy. - Curly Red a medium, creeping, evergreen shrub that is good as a ground cover. It has glossy, green foliage that starts out as red, and then turns red again in the cold of winter. White flowers in spring. - Royal Ruby an evergreen shrub with glossy dark green leaves in Summer turning ruby red Autumn to Spring. Clusters of white flowers in early Spring.


Ligustrum ovalifolium - Argenteum a semi-evergreen, upright, bushy shrub with medium sized, green leaves with silver edges and clusters of creamy-white flowers in summer.


Magnolia stellata - Rosea growing to 15ft * 10ft this deciduous magnolia from Japan has oval dark green leaves with clusters of large simple flowers with pale pink flowers in late winter before the foliage emerges. - Royal Star has abundant double, snow white flowers.


Mahonia x media - Charity vigorous upright evergreen shrubs with dark green glossy foliage and erect raceme of yellow flowers followed by dark blue fruits. Can grow to 15ft * 12ft.


Mahonia x media - Winter Sun vigorous upright evergreen shrubs with dark green glossy foliage and horizontal racemes yellow flowers in Autumn followed by dark blue fruits. Can grow to 15ft * 12ft.


Malus - Evereste red flower buds opening to white flowers in spring followed by large orange red fruits. AGM. Grows to 20ft * 20ft. - Golden Hornet white flowers followed by long lasting yellow fruits. Grows to 20ft * 20ft. - John Dowie pink flower buds open into single white flowers followed by large orange fruits.Grows to 25ft * 20ft. - Red Glow pink flowers followed by large red edible fruits. Grows to 25ft.


Malus hupehensis HUPEH CRABAPPLE a small tree growing to 20ft with light pink flower buds opening to single white flower buds and small green yellow fruits sometimes red.


Mespilus germanicus MEDLAR a large shrub or small tree with dull green leaves turning red or yellow in autumn. Profuse apple blossom like white flowers appearing in spring. Height and spread at maturity 20ft * 25ft.


Metasequioa glyptostroboides DAWN REDWOOD native of China this deciduous conifer was rediscovered in 1941 in a Chinese monastery, it had been thought to be extinct 200 million years. They will grow well on most soils but prefer areas of high rainfall. Plant in full sun with some shelter. Height at maturity 30m (90ft). AGM.


Nothofagus obliqua ROBLE BEECH native of Chile and Argentina has attractive dark green leaves in summer turning yellow, crimson and orange in autumn. They are extremely fast growing. Plant in full sun or part shade. Height at maturity 30m (90ft).


Pachysandra terminalis - Green Carpet a low-growing, evergreen sub-shrub with glossy, toothed foliage and spikes of small, white flowers in summer.


Philadelphus MOCK ORANGE deciduous shrubs grown for scented double or single flowers, they grow well in full sun or part shade but flower better when grown in full sun. Prefer fertile free draining soil. Height and spread at maturity 5ft * 6ft.


Belle etoile – white with purple red central splash with sweet pineapple like fragrance.AGM

Manteau d’Hermine – creamy double flowers in summer only grows to 2-3ft. AGM

Schneersturm – pure white double flowers

Snowbelle a compact mockorange cultivar that is noted for its abundant bloom of fragrant, double white flowers in late spring to early summer. This is a multi-stemmed, deciduous shrub with an upright habit that typically grows to only 3-4’ tall and as wide. Citrus-scented, double white flowers (1” diameter) appear in clusters in late spring.

Picea jezoensis HONDO SPRUCE native of Japan this evergreen, hardy spruce is a broadly conical with attractive foliage bluish white beneath and white shoots turning creamy. Plant in full sun or part shade. Prefers areas of high rainfall. Height at maturity 30m (90ft).


Picea omorika SERBIAN SPRUCE native of Bosnia and Serbia this evergreen is extremely decorative with bright fresh green new foliage contrasting with the older deep green leaves. It forms a compact spire with spread of 4m (12ft) and ultimate height of 30m (90ft). A useful town tree, casting little shade. Grows fast on all soil types. Prefers areas of high rainfall. AGM.


Picea orientalis ORIENTAL SPRUCE native of N.Turkey and Caucasus is a slender columnar evergreen with dark glossy needles, branches arranged in pendulous whorls decreasing in size as they rise to create a spire. They are hardy fast growing trees making a fine specimen tree some 30m (90ft) at maturity. Can be used as a Christmas tree. Plant in full sun or part shade. Prefers areas of high rainfall and do not tolerate dry alkaline soils. AGM.


Pieris japonica Mountain Fire growing to 8ft * 8ft and preferring moist cool soils and preferably light shade, this cultivar has bright red new leaves aging to deep green whilst flowers are borne in drooping racemes of bell shaped white flowers.


Pittosporum tenuifolium - Elizabeth a medium-sized evergreen shrub with glossy green foliage edged in cream and pink. The pink becomes more pronounced in cold weather. In late spring and early summer it produces small scented purple flowers. Ideal as a specimen plant to provide evergreen structure. Plant in full sun or partial shade, in a moist, well drained soil.


Platanus x  acerifolia LONDON PLANE this deciduous tree of cultivated origin with many lobed shiny leaves. Tolerant of atmospheric pollution, often planted as a  city tree. Prefers areas with hot summers, both acid and alkaline soils. Fast growing, hardy. Height at maturity 4m (120ft). AGM.


Populus alba WHITE POPLAR a vigorous tree with hairy young stems and leaves. Leaves dull green silver beneath. Height and spread at maturity 80ft * 40ft.


Populus tremula ASPEN a forest tree with a high sparse crown, and smooth greenish gey bark. Catkins form in May. A pioneer tree this tree requires full sun. The leaf stalks are flattened causing the slightest breeze to flutter the leaves. Good red autumn colour. Tolerant of poor soils. Height at maturity 30m (90ft).


Potentilla fructicosa POTENTILLA a dense shrub flowering in summer or autumn. Small palmate leaves with 5/7 leaflets. Flowers borne as small single roses. Height and spread at maturity 5ft * 5ft.

Goldfinger – dwarf compact shrub with an abundance of rich yellow flowers. AGM.

Tangerine – dwarf spreading shrub orange yellow flowers. AGM.

Limelight -  white flowers with yellow centre


Prostanthera ovalifolium a medium to large sized shrub growing to 2.5m in height and 1.5m in width. Foliage is aromatic and dark green on top with grey-green undersides. Large sprays of purple flowers are produced in spring. Prefers partial shade.


Primula bulleyana PRIMULA perennial woodland plant preferring dappled shade and moist soils. Native to China flower stems have up to 7 whorls of golden yellow to orange flowers in late spring or early summer.


Primula viallii native of western China has a strong flower stem with cylindrical heads of small purple pink flowers topped with a cap of overlapping red buds.


Prunus Accolade a spreading tree with semi double pink flowers in spring with dark green leaves turning orange in autumn. Grows to 25ft * 25ft Okame a medium sized tree with fragrant pink flowers and good autumn colour grows to 25 ft Umineko an upright tree growing to 25ft with cup shaped white flowers borne in clusters in late spring. elliptical pointed leaves and masses of double pale pink leaves in spring.


Prunus avium BIRD CHERRY / GEAN this deciduous cherry  from Europe and W.Asia grows on almost all soil types inc. chalk, flowers prolifically in spring followed by a good show of autumn colour. Tolerant of shade and full sun. Fast growing  and hardy. Height at maturity 20m (60ft). Plena masses of drooping white double flowers.


Prunus cerasifera CHERRY PLUM of unknown origin this flowering cherry produces prolific white flowers on bare stems in early spring. Hardy and fast growing reaching an ultimate height of 10m (30 ft), this tree is suitable for medium sized gardens. Plant in full sun or part shade. Grow well on any good reasonably well drained soil. Good hedging specimen. Cultivar nigra  has deep purple foliage and small pink flowers. AGM.


Prunus serrula tibetica BIRCH BARK CHERRY small willow like leaves with small white flowers followed by small cherry like fruits. Grown for it’s attractive peeling mahogany bark. Growing to approximately 25ft * 25ft.


Prunus serrulata - Kanzan a small  tree with clusters of frilly double pink flowers with bronze juvenille foliage and good autumn colour. AGM.Grows to 30ft * 30ft - Kikushidare weeping branches with pink buds opening to double pink flowers and bronze new foliage Growing to 12ft * 12ft - Shimidsu JAPANESE FLOWERING CHERRY a small deciduous tree with long elliptical pointed leaves and masses of double pale pink leaves in spring growing to 12ft * 15ft. - Shirofugen a Japanese flowering cherry, semi-double and doubleflowers. Tend to retain blossom well. Flowers deep pink at first, fading to pale pink. AGM eventual height and spread 25ft * 25ft. - Tia Haku produces large white single blooms above bronze tinted new foliage. - Ukon clusters of double yellowish white flowers in spring, new foliage bronze


Prunus x subhirtella pendula ROSE BUD CHERRY native of Japan this deciduous tree produces a mass of tiny single white flowers in April. Hardy and tolerant of full shade grows well on any reasonably well drained soil. Shoots pendulous. Height at maturity 6m (18ft).


Prunus tomentosa NANKING, DOWNY CHERRY native to the Himalayas this shrub has deep green leaves this cherry has clusters of white/pinkish flowers carried singly or in pairs followed by downy red fruit. Height and spread at maturity 8ft * 8ft.


Pyracantha - Soleil D’Or  an upright, thorny, evergreen shrub with red-flushed stems, elliptic, glossy, dark green leaves and clusters of white flowers in early summer followed by golden-yellow berries.


Pyrus salicifolia pendula a small tree with pendulous habit with narrow willow like leaves, silvery when young turning greyish green with age. Small creamy white flowers. Growing to around 20ft * 10ft.


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