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Plant gallery

Rhododendrons & Azaleas

Maples (including Japanese)

Ornamental trees

A diverse group of evergreen & deciduous shrubs well known for their large blooms & diversity of colours, with dwarf, medium and large varieties to suit location. Prefering damp acidic soils.

A diverse range of trees & shrubs ranging from large majestic trees to small shrubs. In particular the well known Japanese Maples are grown for their diversity of leaf color & shape and their spectacular autumn colour. They are woodland plants and prefer moist acidic soils, with shelter and some shade.

A selection of ornamental trees suiting a variety of planting locations from small gardens to estate trees.


A selection of ornamental shrubs & hedging plants for the garden.

Everything else


At our nursery, we specialise in hedging plants, japanese maples, specimen trees, garden trees, kalmias, rhododendrons & azaleas.


The Nursery also has a selection of specimen sized trees & shrubs from 30 to 100L sized containers.

We are able to provide traditional wire root balled specimens - here the whole rootball is planted including wire which will rot away within a couple of seasons.


Read more about the plants we grow with descriptions and dimensions at maturity.

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